Strict headmistress Miss Jessica holding her cane
Miss Jessica - a real strict woman
A real strict woman
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Slipper spanking over Miss Jessica's knee

Miss Jessica in riding geat - lovely beige jodphurs and high boots

School headmistress Miss Jessica wearing for glasses with a wooden hairbrush

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Miss Jessica

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Implements & Punishments
Caning, canes, cane strokes, headmistress caning, judicial caning
OTK spanking with hairbrush, over the knee spanking with a hairbrush
Slippering, OTK spanking with slipper, over the knee slipper
Riding crops, large riding crops, dressage whip, riding mistress
Leather strap, leather tawse, prison strap, governess strap
Wooden paddle, leather paddles, paddling sessions in Watford, Herts
Hand spanking, handspanking, spanking, OTK hand spanking, over knee
Facesitting sessions Watford, UK, face-sitting, smothering, squashing
Ballbusting sessions, CBT mistress, ball kicking/crushing dominatrix
Fantasy domination wrestling, femdom wrestling, wrestling sessions
Foot worship, foot fetish, toe sucking, worship feet, foot mistress
Boot worship, boot licking, heel sucking, boot cleaning domination