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You can only contact me by email initially, but I am usually quick to reply.

If you only have a question just fill out your name, email and your question on the form below. 

To book, or request a session YOU MUST COMPLETE THE WHOLE FORM - If you don't fill out the form as best you can, I might just delete your email, so please make your requests clear.

Before contacting me, please be aware that I am always extremely busy, and so have no patience for disorganisation, and zero tolerance for time wasters. Messages asking stupid questions, repeatedly emailing me the same things, requesting services that I don't provide, or those of a sexual nature will not get a response. Please check out my mistress sessions page for details of my availability, the punishments on offer and what I'm interested in.

I take my privacy and that of my subs very seriously, and only I have access to any communications. Please see my privacy policy for more details.

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The following section must be completed for all session enquiries

What type of session do you want?
If you prefer that I have dark hair, I have a suitable wig - please mention if this is required. Please note: I do not punish topless or in the nude.
Please be honest
Only locations with advertised availabilty can be selected - no requests
* Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays in Watford usually, but other days may be available - Deposit required. Please refer to my Mistress sessions page for available tour dates and further information

Strictly over 18's ONLY!

I take my privacy and that of my clients extremely seriously, and all communication will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please refer to my privacy policy for more information.


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