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  • What is Your Favourite Implement for Corporal Punishment?

    So I wanted to find out what are your favourite implements out there? I have created a free poll below (ignore the link underneath the poll saying as this is just free advertising from the poll company).  Will it be the sting of an OTK implement such as a slipper or... Read More

  • Dominatrix Services in the UK

    I have been working as a dominatrix since 2002 and have vast experience of many types of domination. My dominatrix services started out just as corporal punishment based, but they soon grew to facesitting, ballbusting, femdom wrestling and more. My love of inflicting any kind of pain onto my slaves has... Read More

  • Mistress in Newcastle - New Touring Location

     So I'm slowly working my way around the UK with various touring sessions, some have worked out and I have kept continuing to visit and... Read More

  • Jaquah Fetish Photoshoots

    I wanted to write this blog post about a fantastic photographer I've worked with over the years called Jaquah Fetish, I've been working with him since around 2008.  In my Read More


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