Mistress Sessions in Glasgow, Scotland

Mistress sessions in Glasgow, Scotland

I have been visiting Glasgow to do sessions since 2010. I originally thought of the idea as I wanted to visit my old flatmate who lived there in the first place. She had moved down for air hostess training to live with me, then moved back when she had finished.  Glasgow was a long way from Watford, so to make the trip more worthwhile, I advertised to do some sessions on my site. I had a great response and therefore got to see Glasgow for the first time properly.  I had actually visited Glasgow back in 2004 when I had another job, but I only saw the inside of an office and the hotel I was staying in! 

Where I hold my mistress sessions in Glasgow

By luck, when I first visited, I booked a hotel which gave me a fantastic room. Some people worry about going to a hotel for mistress sessions but believe me there is no need to worry with this place. The room is just majestic. With its very high ceilings, double entry

doorway and the room is located to the side of the hotel, there isn't much passing traffic and noise doesn't need to be worried about. I consistently request the same room, visit after visit, as I love this room for sessions so much. I always give prospective clients information on how to avoid reception and get straight to me in the room, so there is no need to be concerned about visiting me in a hotel.  I have been there every trip since 2010.  Some staff members have been there that long too and recognise me but they have never asked why I'm there and what I'm doing as it's not hotel policy to do such things. 

More about my mistress sessions in Glasgow

I am available for any of the types of punishments and worship activities on my sessions page apart from smoking as it's not my own place so I cannot do that there. There is also the opportunity to be filmed for my Amateur Clips4Sale store. I can bring up my camera and set it up to capture your session, then once back in Watford I can edit the clips and email them to you.  If you don't want to appear on my clips site, then you can alternatively pay £50 to have your session filmed and have the clips edited for your own private viewing, over and over again. A great way to capture the memory of your mistress session.

Two chances a year to visit me as your Mistress in Glasgow 

I used to visit Glasgow three times a year but as I love travelling around and seeing new places and meeting different slaves around the country, I now visit Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff regularly as well. Sometimes I also visit Colchester and Manchester, depending on how busy I am. So instead of three visits a year I now visit twice a year, usually in April and October for three days on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I have one person who I have seen since the very beginning and have seen on every single visit! Other people visit intermittently and new people visit all the time, so there is the chance to build up a Mistress relationship with me so I get to know you and what you like over time, as I find sessions get better the more you see someone. My next visit is scheduled for 4-6th April so if you want me to be your Mistress in Glasgow then book in now! Otherwise, you'll have to wait until October. 

Miss Jessica


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