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  • December Fun Including... My Birthday!

    It's the best month of the year! My birthday and Christmas! So many parties going on I'm starting to lose count. My birthday is on the 18th December - a week before Christmas exactly. So it's even more reason to treat me due... Read More

  • Jaquah Fetish Photoshoots

    I wanted to write this blog post about a fantastic photographer I've worked with over the years called Jaquah Fetish, I've been working with him since around 2008.  In my Read More

  • UK Porn Block No More!

    I was SO happy reading about this recently.  There has been much talk about blocking sites like mine and countless others.  There were plans in place before by ATVOD but this was abandoned too.  Let's hope they an let us have our freedom of speech in whatever way we want... Read More

  • Twitter to introduce stricter content NSFW guidelines

     Over the past year, social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram have made it almost impossible for NSFW artists to exist on the platforms in their efforts to ‘clean up’... Read More

  • Corona Virus - Sessions will be available from 4th July (hopefully)

    After reading current news reports which state that:  "from 4 July, at the earliest, subject to the conditions, we’ll look at other sectors and that will include hospitality but it will also... Read More


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