Miss Jessica's video models

I will advertise on this page when I am looking for models for my video shoots.

I am currently looking for male models under 60:

  • Shoot details: Future Shoots.
  • Location: Watford, Hertfordshire.
  • Punishments: Corporal Punishment or Ballbusting.

Various time-slots will be available if you can't do a full day.

Please check the model requirements below and then apply to be a shoot model.

Model requirements

  1. I will not accept models under the age of 20, or over the age of 65, so do not ask!
  2. Potential models must be happy to show their face on camera, and it is essential that you have some acting ability, as my shoots nearly always feature aspects of role-playing. Priority will be given to those with prior experience. Those that are silent or wooden when on camera will not be asked back.
  3. You will be shooting in rotation with other models on the day. However, only myself, my cameraman and you will be in the room whilst filming takes place (unless it's a double-Domme shoot). On your first shoot you will be required to feature in 2 x 10-minute videos, and if these go well, and you prove to be reliable, you may be asked back for future dates.
  4. You are no use to me if you turn up "marked" from a previous shoot/session. Do not waste either of our time (or your money) by booking something in too close to my shoot day.
  5. Be honest about what level of punishment you can take.
  6. All models are required to sign a model release for each shoot. You will need to bring photo ID along for age verification purposes (this information is kept strictly confidential).
  7. By attending a shoot you are stating that you have read, understood and agreed to my Informed Consent Statement, and Limit of Liability Statement.
  8. A £150 fee is required from all models attending my shoots, of which £50 will be refunded to you when you turn up on the day.

Model deposit

The model deposit is non-negotiable, and is, unfortunately, something I've had to put in place after so many no-shows to previous shoots.
No refunds will be given if you waste either of our time by turning up already "marked", as I will not be able to use you for my shoot.

Amateur site clips

I am always looking for private sessions to be filmed for my amateur clips site, and you get to keep a copy of the finished video. Please let me know at the time of booking if you're happy for your session to be filmed, as I will need to set up my camera gear before you arrive, or make sure I pack it for tour dates. Please see my mistress sessions page to make a booking.


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