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Good news, yes you can. My session space is very well located in central Watford, Hertfordshire.

MJ Fetish Studio Link
Please see my dedicated dungeon hire website for full details.
Windows Users
All current .mp4 files, and archive clip .avi and .wmv files should play natively.
Some archive .avi and .wmv files utilise the DivX codec. VLC will play these and it's available as a free download.
Mac Users
.mp4 files will play natively, but you may require a third party application, or plugin in order to be able to view any archive .avi and .wmv files.
I would recommend the very good (and free) VLC. Alternatively you can opt for a browser plug-in such as Flip4Mac.
Please note that some archive .avi files utilise the DivX codec. VLC will play these.
Linux Users
You may require a third party application, codec, or plugin in order to be able view .wmv, .avi & .mp4 files.
VLC is available for Linux and should play all my current content. Please refer to the documentation for your Linux distribution should this not work.
Please note that at the time of writing I am unaware of any native DIVX players, or codecs for Linux which some archive files may require for playback (VLC should play everything).
Android & iOS Users
Please note the files on the site are intended for downloading not streaming. Your device should download the file before playing it. However, please be aware that you may incur considerable data charges if your device is not connected to wi-fi whilst doing this depending on your carrier/contract.

Please refer to your phones user guide for instructions on downloading, saving and playing videos, and what file types your handset will support.
If all else fails, you can contact me and I will try and help you.
I have 2 stores on Clips4sale: Miss Jessica punishments in the UK (where most of my clips are located), and Miss Jessica's Amateur Clips which features clips of real life sessions. I also have a store on Clips Fatale, which features a selection of different styles. I can also be found on Only Fans.

For more details, please see my videos page or why not join my site and gain full access to all my videos?
I will not consider doing anything dangerous, life-threatening, or that involves urine, scat, blood or needles.
Nor will I do anything sexual, such as fisting, giving hand-jobs, blow-jobs or naked facesitting.
I will also never be topless, or nude to punish you.

Do not ask for any of the above as I will not want to session with you, and you will find yourself on my blocked list.

My full list of services can be found on my sessions page.

Good news, you can now own my used stockings, tights, panties, thongs and hold-ups.

Please see my used underwear page for more details.
Yes, I do. Please don't be put off by my site mainly featuring male models, I also session with women and couples.

So why not visit my mistress sessions page for more information and to enquire about a booking?
Yes, you can find me on: , and .

I have given up on Facebook after having my account disabled on four separate occasions. They are far too prudish for my liking, and certainly not worth a second of my valuable time.
One particular favourite involved picking cards from a deck, where red cards were softer cane strokes, and black cards were harder. It was fun not knowing what would come next.
I can't really say I have one favourite implement, as I love using a hairbrush and cane equally.
I like role-playing the best, far better and more fun than just stand alone punishments. I truly love acting out scenarios, and dressing up for them.
I was asked to feature in a shoot by, and they basically trained me in how to punish men properly.
I received an email from a sub afterwards, asking whether I would consider doing a private session with him. After a little bit of persuasion, I agreed, and I haven't looked back since. I genuinely love it.
I do love judicial caning, but be aware that this is only for the brave & experienced. I can leave you really marked after only 6 strokes of my hardest caning, so be warned.
Of course you can. If you want to try and get on my good side then little gifts are always appreciated.

Please see my gift list for ideas.
I am an ideal choice for first-timers and novices alike, as not only am I very experienced, I am also well known for being very approachable and perceptive. I will always try to get the best from you and your session, and will never push you into anything you're not comfortable with.

Please read some session reviews and testimonials from my clients, and others.
Yes, completely. I take our mutual privacy extremely seriously.
All information is kept strictly confidential between us, nobody other than myself has access.
Yes, of course. I am more than happy to use a mutually agreed safe word in sessions.
This can be a very good idea, especially for beginners and novices. We can decide on a word before we start the session.
Although, I am very good at reading people during a session and judging their limits anyway. To be honest, most people don't feel the need to use a safe word when they're in a session with me.
Absolutely, I completely respect the individual limits of anyone that sessions with me.
So rest assured that nothing beyond what you want to happen, will happen.
Of course, for you to get the most out of your session I need to know exactly what you are after. My research into your session requirements is mainly performed via email prior to the day, but you can of course let me know of anything else prior to the actual session starting.
This is entirely up to you. If you want to be left marked after your session you will be, if you don't, you won't.
Please keep in mind that punishments will not be as painful for you if you can't leave the session marked. Rest assured however that I will never go overboard, and am happy to decrease the severity and intensity of strokes, etc. if necessary.
My favourites would have to be those where I am playing a strict boss, or headmistress type characters.
NO, my personal life is private and no concern of yours.


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