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  • Dominatrix Services in Leeds

    My name is Miss Jessica Wood and I have been working as a dominatrix since 2002 and have a vast experience of many types of domination.  My dominatrix services in Leeds started back in 2016 and... Read More

  • Twitter to introduce stricter content NSFW guidelines

     Over the past year, social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram have made it almost impossible for NSFW artists to exist on the platforms in their efforts to ‘clean up’... Read More

  • UK Porn Block No More!

    I was SO happy reading about this recently.  There has been much talk about blocking sites like mine and countless others.  There were plans in place before by ATVOD but this was abandoned too.  Let's hope they an let us have our freedom of speech in whatever way we want... Read More

  • Conversational Narcissism

    I have a great interest in psychology and have learnt a lot over years of therapy and reading. Everyone should go and see a therapist, it's amazing just how much you can learn about yourself and others. So I have decided to write some blog posts occasionally on psychology issues. This month is... Read More


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