Paddling Mistress in Hertfordshire

If you are looking to visit a Paddling Mistress in Hertfordshire or to watch paddling mistress videos, then look no further.  Leather paddles come in all shapes and sizes and I love using them and you just can't beat a good wooden paddle for a good solid and satisfying thwack! 

Please note: As a Paddling Mistress I offer all types of corporal punishment as well as paddling.

Fancy a hard paddling?

I have been using leather and wooden paddles (as well as perspex/plastic and rubber paddles) since I first started out as a mistress, as corporal punishment is my first love. Leather and wooden paddles are the most popular and are good for people of all levels and can be done harshly or less severe. So if you want to give it a go or even if you just want to watch some paddling videos, read on.

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Wooden paddles

The wooden paddle was originally invented for the punishment of slaves, as a way of causing pain without doing any long-lasting harm. Wooden paddles then became the typical school punishement implement for teachers in American schools. I have lots of wooden paddles including: thick long plain ones (almost like a cricket bat), a thick long one with a rubber strip down it to make it sting even worse, smaller thick wooden paddles with and without holes, a long thin paddle and a flat oval ended paddle. I even have two Kotiate. These are a traditional hand weapon of the Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. The Kotiate is a short club normally made of wood or whalebone. Mine are mine of wood. Kotiate means to cut or divide the liver (koti = cut in two or divide; ate = liver), is probably taken from its shape, which resembles the lobed part of the human liver.  So as you can read, I have a good selection of wooden paddles to punish naughty bottoms with. They can provide a deep thuddy sensation that can be extremely painful but wooden paddles can be done very severely or lighter for those who are not into harsh punishments.  The only thing about wooden paddles is that if you use them for too long, they tend to make bottoms form a large raised ridge on them (which will fade within a few hours) but this ridge can make bottoms a little numb to further punishements, so I don't tend to use them for too many strokes, unless someone has a real fetish for them. Bruises can also occur depending on the strength of the hits.

Leather paddles

I have a vast selection of leather paddle, including long, short, wide and thin paddles, for those who aren't brave enough for the wooden implements.  Leather paddles can be used on anyone as they don't mark bottoms and can really sting but the redness fades away and gives you a good red hot bottom. My favourite paddles have holes in them so that there is no air cushioning, which results in an even mightier thwack. I also have a unique oval ended leather paddle which is one of my other most prized leather paddles as it packs a real punch. Leather paddles are good for a warm up after an OTK hand spanking to then progress onto harder implements such as the tawse or cane. Wide leather paddles are good for covering a large surface area and are generally less painful, whereas the thinner they are, the more agonising they become, especially if I carry out a fast hard paddling.

Paddling mistress videos

If you want to see me in action, either before coming for a session or simply because you love seeing British paddling mistress videos, then check out some of my many paddling mistress videos on my member's site.  You can also buy individual paddle mistress clips on my Clips4Sales store.  If you watch a video you'll get much more of an idea of what to expect in a paddling mistress session with me. You can also see the different types of roleplay scenarios I love to act out as well as the different outfits I own. If you're too far away from me to receive a stinging paddled bottom from a leather paddle or some good hard strokes of a wooden paddle then this will be the next best thing!

Book your paddling mistress session

Sessions are normally held in Watford, Hertfordshire but I do also have regular tour dates elsewhere in the UK. Please see my mistress sessions page for details. You can contact me directly by filling in my contact form for a paddling mistress session. Tell me all about what you want in your leather or wooden paddle mistress session: whether you want any roleplay, any particular outfits you might like to see me in and anything else in your paddling mistress fantasy.


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