Strict headmistress Miss Jessica holding her cane
Miss Jessica - a real strict woman
A real strict woman
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Slipper spanking over Miss Jessica's knee

Miss Jessica in riding geat - lovely beige jodphurs and high boots

School headmistress Miss Jessica wearing for glasses with a wooden hairbrush

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Miss Jessica

Mistress in Glasgow

For those of you in the north of England or Scotland you're in luck. I take regular trips up to dominate Glasgow, twice a year, so take the opportunity while I'm there and book a session with me.

I have had vistors to my Glasgow mistress sessions from all over Scotland: Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Inverness, Dundee and lots of locals too.

I will be offering the following in mistress sessions:

Current look - Miss Jessica in a corset with a caneMy current look - Photo © The English Mansion

Next dates in April 2018...

5th April 6th April 7th April
  11-12noon (GONE) 11-12noon (GONE)
  1-2pm 1-2pm (GONE)
3-4pm 3-4pm (GONE) 3-5pm (GONE)
5-6pm 5-6pm 6-7pm
7-8pm 7-8pm  

Contact me if you want to book me as your Mistress in Glasgow

Times can be flexible i.e. if you want 1.5hrs/2hrs etc

Location: Glasgow city centre.

How to get to my sessions in Glasgow

Full address given after 50% deposit is received. You can walk from Glasgow Central train station in 15 minutes or a 5 minute taxi. There is also parking outside in the form of meters or there is also a nearby carpark.


Why I love visiting Glasgow

I have been visitng Glasgow for mistress sessions since 2010. Originally I wanted to always go there and had a friend who I used to share a flat with who moved back home, so I decided to advertise for sessions to make my trip more feasible. It went very well and I had a fantastic first trip to Glasgow. I have since been back countless times and visit 2-4 times a year. I have made more friends up there and a recent friend from where I live moved up to Cumbernauld and got married, so now I have her to visit as well as sessions. I even sometimes go out with slaves for dinner. There are some amazing restaurants up there. The Two Fat Ladies being a particular favourite with their dessert platter called the "Two fats grand dessert" of about 7 desserts! Amazing. Other fantastic restaurants include Ubiquitous Chip, The Hanoi Bike Shop, Alla Turka, Nanakusa & The Red Onion

Where you can find the best mistress in Glasgow

I have been a dominatrix since 2002 so I have lots of experience and love my job. Since I started visting 7 years ago I now have many regular clients up in Glasgow. One of the reasons I am so popular is because I love facesitting. I am one of the best facesitter's in the UK so take your opportunity to see me in Glasgow while you can. I smother victims with my bottom and there's no escape. I have worked for many other websites doing what I love best so you may have seen me in a few clips. Many slaves have told me it's the best facesitting session they have ever had. I have the perfect bottom for squashing your face and I love turning you into my comfortable seat. You can read my mistress session reviews for lots reviews on facesitting as well as other fetishes.

Bottom obsession - facesitting video

I am also very mean with a cane and would love to give your bottom a good caning! I love being a school Headmistress - role-play is a particular favourite of mine. I also love all aspects of corporal punishment. I have lots of implements, some of my other favourites are slippers, hairbrushes and straps. You can read a review below:

Roger, Glasgow: "To be honest, I was a bit blown away by how you managed to take me to the "zone" was very authentic and you really were magnificent - as I said earlier much better than I had expected. Progress report on the state of my poor bottom - deeply bruised (purplish/orange) and sore but nice ;-).... 10 out 10 for accuracy - the brusing and pain is in two cricket ball sized patches right in the centre of the most padded part of my bottom ;-) Similarly my hands ache and are quite red with slight bruising but again all in two patches in the middles of my palms - nowhere pain near the wrist and more importantly no pain in the fingers - you did an expert job! Better than I anticipated and better than anyone I have previously seen in Glasgow, but then I should never have doubted you would deliver."

Caning class - caning video
Caning video from Miss Jessica
Caning class

I have worked for lots of diferent mistress and dominatrix sites over the years, the biggest being The English Mansion. I also film our sessions in Glasgow if slaves are interested in owning their mistress experience forever. I do this for free if you don't mind me posting the clips on my Amateur C4S site. Otherwise there is a cost of £50 to do this. I can also take photographs and have a remote control for my mobile phone to get full shots (please ask beforehand as I don't always have this with me).

Interesting fact about Glasgow

The name Glasgow comes from the older Cumbric glas cau or a Middle Gaelic cognate, which would have meant green basin or green valley. The settlement probably had an earlier Cumbric name, Cathures; the modern nameappears for the first time in the Gaelic period (1116), as Glasgu. So it was once a green valley. There are lots of hills in and around Glasgow so that doesn't surprise me!

More information about Miss Jessica's dominatrix sessions in Glasgow