Deposits for Mistress Sessions

I decided to write this post so that I can refer anyone to it in the future. I sometimes get asked why do I need a deposit, how can they trust me and all sorts of questions.  Well take a read below and this should answer any of your questions.

Why do you need a deposit?

There are lots of reasons. The main reason is to show to me that you are not someone who is purely wasting my time.  If someone actually wants a session then there should be no problem in paying a deposit.  Effectively you're paying some money now and some money later, which happens in a lot of businesses.  You're not going to lose any money if you have every intention of turning up. For example, when you want to take a flat or house for rent, agencies ask you for a deposit.  I've had chiropractors and even nail shops ask me for a deposit too.  Secondly, if for any reason you cancel before or on the day or indeed just do not show up (a no-show) then your deposit covers the time I have spent emailing/contacting you, planning your session and getting ready for the session.  Also, another reason is that if you don't turn up, you have taken a space from someone else who would have been serious and actually turned up. Again, covering my losses.

How can I trust you? What if you steal my deposit and don't turn up?

Well, I have been doing this since 2002, so that's 17 years this year.  I am the no.1 Mistress in Hertfordshire. If I was in the business of running off with people's deposits and not actually doing sessions then I definitely wouldn't be here 17 years later! I am a highly respected and well-known Mistress and quite frankly, I love what I do so why would I want to just take your money and not show up?  I want you to turn up so I can have my fun and inflict whatever pain and punishments upon you! Also, by giving you my bank details, you have evidence of who you gave money to.  I also have my website and my Twitter and Instagram profiles also, so you know I'm legitimate.

Can't I just pay you cash on the day as I promise I'll turn up?

I have heard this so many times. Who are you? How do I know you're going to turn up? How can I believe you?  Just by saying you will turn up just can't be relied on I'm afraid. When I first started out, I did just have people turning up but very quickly realised a lot of people are all talk, so back then I introduced a £30 deposit.  However, by 2008 this was not enough of a deterrent to timewasters and I increased it to £50.  Roll on another 5 years and I put it up to 50% of my booking. Even now I get the odd timewaster still but now it's worth my valuable time if they don't show up.

Serious players pay deposits

So you've read the above and hopefully understand now why I ask for deposits.  At the end of the day, you either want a session or you don't.  Those who want to see me pay deposits - there is no alternative.  For your information as well, deposits are non-refundable in the event of your cancellation, failing to show up, or behaving inappropriately prior to your session - no exceptions.  Do not mess me around!  If you want to book a session, you can contact me via my booking form.

Miss Jessica


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