Used Panties for Sale

Used panties for sale UK

Whether they are thongs or full bottom panties, this is the most popular item I sell in my shop. I do also sell stockings, tights and hold-ups as well so check out my webpage of used underwear.  I have been selling my used panties for many years now and numerous pairs have gone to outside the UK (this is usually an extra £5 for postage) so wherever you are in the world you can buy my used panties for sale!

Why Used Panties Are So Popular

I asked one of my used pantie buyer's and he told me "I don’t have regular access to dirty panties, so I buy them on occasion. The smell a lady leaves in her underpants is a huge turn on for me. The combination of the actual scent and that it is contained in a lady’s most private clothing is very, very exciting. My first masturbation experiences involved smelling my sister's friend's dirty panties. Just opening her hamper and seeing her soiled underpants was enough to make me very hard. And when I actually smelled them it didn’t take me long to finish. I have enjoyed smelling women's dirty panties while I masturbate ever since."

So for some customer's it's about the aroma. For other customers like them to wear my panties themselves. Others like to wrap them around their cocks when they masturbate and another customer of mine likes to clean them with his tongue. So there are lots of reasons!

Special Used Panties Requests

I am open to additional extra requests with my panties, for example:

  • My autograph with the panties (either on them or on a separate piece of paper)
  • Photo of my bottom in the used panties (digital or paper copy)
  • Length of time used panties are worn (2 days is standard but can do up to 5 days)
  • Any particular stains (period/brown) or even used panties I have gone for a wee in
  • Vintage panties can also be ordered. I particularly like What Katie Did so these will be bought first then worn.

Some additional requests come with an extra fee so just inquire. I am open-minded so as long you're respectful I won't judge you on any requests. 

Used Panties Customer Review 

I got this email review from a customer only on Wednesday just gone. 

"Hey just received my used panties from you... Oh my gosh they smell fantastic, thank you so much.10 out of 10 for presentation and with a sweet autograph on a post it note. In between sniffing and kissing your undies I'll try my best to keep them as perfectly as they arrived." 

And I receive countless other emails like this so don't delay and get ordering today! 

Buy Used Panties for Sale

So if you looking for Used Panties for Sale check out my web page and send me an Amazon voucher then wait by your letterbox! I choose the Amazon voucher option as it's very discreet and no-one will know you have bought from me then.  I can alternatively do bank transfer if you prefer, just let me know.

Miss Jessica


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