Classic Leather Riding Crop Review from Honour

Classic Leather Riding Crop from is a fantastic fetish shop I have visited many times in London (Waterloo) and that's where they first opened their first store in 1988. They eventually went online in 1994 and now supply the world with fetish products.  Their headquarters and showroom are just down the road from me in Watford and I was approached by them to see if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their products. Of course, I said I'd be delighted to!

About the Riding Crop

I do a lot of corporal punishment in my sessions, it was what I first started to do when I first became a dominatrix and is my first love. I love using a variety of implements to punish naughty bottoms and therefore my first review is going to be on the Classic Leather Riding Crop.  The crop itself is well made and measures 68cm from end to end.  It has a stylish silver metal tipped handle with a leather loop so you can hang it up (to display amongst all my other implements to all those that dare come to visit me!). Sometimes I have to create my own loops as some implements don't come with them so this is particularly useful. The actual spanking end of the riding crop is slightly tapered going from approx. 1cm to 1.5cm and measures 6.5cm in length. It has great flexibility, as there's nothing worse than hard ridged implements to hit slaves with as the harder they are, the more they hurt your own arm, which is not what I want at all! It's also very lightweight weighing approx. 50 grams. Oh and it's very good value at only £12.50 as well.

Session test

I decided to test out the crop in two different sessions.  The first session I used it with someone who has sessioned with me for around 10 years.  He has a high tolerance for pain and can take severe canings so I knew I could go all out with it on this bottom. After an initial warm up of some hand and slipper spanking over my knee, I then demanded my slave bend over my old fashioned school desk to receive more punishment. In position, I line it up and bring it back then land it down on his bottom. The crop makes a gratifying swoosh noise through the air before it lands down. Dressage whips and canes also make lovely noises! After a good dose of around 15 minutes hard cropping I then move onto other harder implements. It's easy to use and the flexibility means I could keep cropping his bottom happily for a very long time. I asked the slave what he thought and he liked the sting in it's tail but for him it wasn't hard enough and this is most likely due to it's lightweight nature.  

In my second session test, I had a gentleman who I have seen for around 2 years. He has a mild-medium pain tolerance so I went lighter on him. He doesn't like to have marks left on his bottom (a common request). I used it on his bottom and also on the soles of his feet. He said it was perfect and it stung just the right amount for his liking and that he'd definitely ask to have the crop in session again.

Riding Crop Evaluation

Not everyone has the same likes/pain thresholds and therefore different people need different implements. Therefore, I would recommend this crop for people who like mild to medium punishment like my second session test slave. As one of the reviews says on their site "it's well balanced, looks great, perfect length and feels simply incredible..... a true fave now to us", proving that it may not work for those that like harsh punishments but definitely works for those on the more playful lighter end.

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