Face Slapping Mistress in Hertfordshire

If you are looking to visit a Face Slapping Mistress in Hertfordshire then look no further. Over time, from many years of doing corporal punishment, my spanking hand has built up a hard spank which can be applied across the face equally.

Please note: As a Face Slapping Mistress I offer all types of punishments, see my mistress sessions page for my full list.

Femdom face slapping

I have been slapping men's faces in sessions for years. I've even slapped a few non-slave faces out of sessions as I love it so much and because they deserved it! So if you want to give it a go, read on.

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Hard face slapping

There's something very instant and sudden about a hard face slap to the face that can really take a slave by surprise. Not only is there the humiliation aspect of making you feel incredibly small in an instant, but the hot red sting of your face burning with each hard face slap can be a glorious feeling. Of course, you need to make sure the face slap is in the right place - aim is very important and I always make sure to slap only the fleshy part of the cheek and never around the ear or jaw. Using the end base of my fingers to deliver the hardest slap will certainly leave its mark. I find hard face slapping really puts slaves in their rightful place, especially if they are kneeling before me whilst being told off. 

Common face slapping scenarios

I only carry out face slapping in sessions if I know the person is interested in it. I only work within people's limits. So that aside, I have carried out face slapping in many scenarios but the most popular is the interrogation scenario.  Usually, a slave is tied up to a chair or my special bondage chair with their arms and legs trapped or tied up so they cannot block any punishments. They are then questioned and interrogated for information with many face slaps as well as other punishments. A blindfold can be added for an extra surprise element. Another common scenario is a girlfriend/wife role play and surprise face slaps are given at will. I have also been known to carry out face slapping continuously for around ten minutes as a very hard punishment where there is no letup. Slaves can also be pinned down on the floor and straddled and face slapped this way too.

Book your face slapping mistress session

Sessions are normally held in Watford, Hertfordshire but I do also have regular tour dates elsewhere in the UK. Please see my mistress sessions page for details. You can contact me directly by filling in my contact form for a face slapping mistress session. Tell me all about what you want in your face slapping mistress session: whether you want any roleplay, any particular outfits you might like to see me in and anything else in your face slapping mistress fantasy.


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