Strict headmistress Miss Jessica holding her cane
Miss Jessica - a real strict woman
A real strict woman
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Slipper spanking over Miss Jessica's knee

Miss Jessica in riding geat - lovely beige jodphurs and high boots

School headmistress Miss Jessica wearing for glasses with a wooden hairbrush

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Miss Jessica

Hand spanking

Miss Jessica with her thin nursery cane  

My own hand is a very effective method of punishing a naughty bottom, especially with the naughty offender drapped over my knee and held securely in place with my hand round his waist. I sometimes cross my legs for a higher OTK spanking.

Delivering handspank after handspank, going slow at first and then building up to a rapid succession of constant hand spanking will definitely make a bottom very red and is a great way to warm up for more viscious implements.

My handspanking has gotten harder and harder over time so be warned!

Miss Jessica with her junior rattan cane    

I hold Mistress sessions in Hertfordshire and Glasgow, Scotland