Strict headmistress Miss Jessica holding her cane
Miss Jessica - a real strict woman
A real strict woman
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Slipper spanking over Miss Jessica's knee

Miss Jessica in riding geat - lovely beige jodphurs and high boots

School headmistress Miss Jessica wearing for glasses with a wooden hairbrush

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Miss Jessica

Miss Jessica session reviews/testimonials

Below are real reviews I've had sent to me by email or were on my forum when it existed...

  • For my session scenario, I am in trouble for staring at pretty female prefects during class. Head Girl, Miss Jessica has been appointed the task of administering my punishment during detention. She looks painfully attractive in her shiny black PVC catsuit, while I am humiliatingly dressed in my school uniform. We begin with Miss Jessica smoking and teasingly blowing smoke in my face. It is a misleadingly gentle introduction, as Iím soon strapped to her spanking bench with my bare bottom exposed for a beating. Miss Jessica starts with the flogger which packs a decent jolt, but itís nothing compared to the caning that follows. I take 12 strokes with one cane, followed by 12 strokes with a sharper, whippier cane. I'm not the most resilient of spankees, but Miss Jessica knows just how far to push me. I grip the legs of the bench as I count down the final few strokes, which really take my breath away. It is something of a relief when the caning comes to an end, but as the session progresses I come to understand and appreciate its purpose! Following the caning, I lie on the floor so that Miss Jessica can rest her bottom on my face. It is very exciting being pinned to the floor with a face full of glossy PVC, but also very intense. Following the breathless intensity of the caning and facesitting the session then becomes a little calmer. Mistress Jessica removes her shoes and orders me to zip her into her sexy knee-boots. Sheís quite patient with me as, in my nervous eagerness to please, I am all fingers and thumbs. Eventually I complete this stage of the task and Miss Jessica grants me permission to commence the boot worship. It feels such a privilege to be kneeling before Miss Jessica, enthusiastically sliding my tongue over her boots. She offers some instruction when required, such as when she offers her heels to be cleaned and shined. Once or twice I glimpse up from my boot polishing duties to admire Miss Jessica sitting in smug catsuit-clad triumph. She accommodates my admiring glances, but I don't push my luck and keep focused on my task. As a consequence of the initial intensity of the session I have been beaten into submission - this means that I really embrace my subservience. It is comforting and reassuring to have been put firmly in my place, so licking the boots of my unquestionable superior now feels like the most natural thing in the world. When the boot worship has been completed to her satisfaction, Miss Jessica tantalisingly bends over and tells me to worship her PVC-covered bottom. I am obviously delighted to comply and kiss her perfect bottom all over. But just as I am starting to feel like the luckiest person alive, Miss Jessica decides that things are becoming a bit too easy for the pervy schoolboy. She ties on her strap-on, as she knows just the degrading lesson a pervert deserves. Miss Jessica's hard strap-on cock fills my mouth and I submit to the humiliation. She laughs and teases me gently as I eagerly suck and lick. My hands are placed on her legs just above her boots while I take my oral degradation. Itís very exciting to feel the sleek PVC against my hands but I dare not raise them any higher - as I might end up over the bench for another caning. Miss Jessica was very reassuring and approachable before the session. This means I trusted her to take control and push me to my limits. The balance of intense and more relaxed stages of the session really suited me. It was an amazing experience. Ultimately, Miss Jessica is a very beautiful and skilled mistress.

  • Now that the customary bruise on the back of my head has gone down a bit I may as well right a review about another amazing session I had with Miss Jessica Wood. It started as always with a couple of emails confirming exactly what I was wanting from the session and arranging a date and time for me to arrive. I try my best to give her things that are new to her so she doesnít get too bored by the session but have only managed to find something new once (or twice maybe). If you havenít seen a picture of MJ before Iím not sure where youíve been on the internet but have a google and I promise you wonít be disappointed. After a quick catch up it was straight into the session and with no warm up or time to get settled into the session it was straight in to full weight jeans sitting. The challenge was I had to last 10 minutes (turned out to be 15 as she upped the time) with her sitting reverse full weight and not moving, if I wanted to breathe I had to lift her up. If I made the time Iíd get a reward and if I failed well obviously a punishment. Apparently sitting reverse full weight in jeans is uncomfortable for the sitter (who knew) so every now and again she sat in a reverse school girl pin just to ease her discomfort a bit. For me I was in a weird place between absolute bliss and my face feeling like someone was attacking it with sandpaper. I was also thinking this was just the start of the session and there was still 1hr45 to go but I was going to soldier on through (I know right what a hero letting a woman sit on his face for the team). Near the end my arms were starting to struggle with the lifting but I got through it just about. She then changed in to shiny neon pink leggings which was a bit of a relief for my face. Our next position involved our customary 1 breath game although this time harder than in previous attempts. This time I had my hands secured to my ankles and tape round my mouth oh and Iíd also suggested that she sit for longer after each breath. It started off fairly easily as she let me warm up by sitting for only 10 seconds about 5 times, even 20 seconds about 5 times was fine, 30 seconds 5 times I started to struggle a bit but after the second 40 seconds I knew it wasnít going very well and I had to tap out. Now most people would think oh heís taped lets end it there but no I was given a couple of breaths and then she sat back down for 50 seconds, then gave me one breath and announced 60 seconds and sheíd let me out. So I thought only 60 seconds I can do that, she counts me down to 60, gives me one breath sits back down and says oh 1 more minute because I donít like to end on an odd number of minutes. About halfway through I had to give up I guess I need more practice. My next idea probably wasnít my greatest and definitely didnít last very long but it involved her sitting reverse whilst continually slapping my tied testicles. Now Iím not a big CBT guy but I want to be able to handle it if that makes sense, turns out I canít lol, maybe if I was forced to take it Iíd learn how to cope. After about 4 slaps I was completely done but tried my best to hold out for a bit longer which wasnít that much. After this I suggested doing a bounce video which is where my bruise came from. She does them a lot on her Vine page if you want to check them out, although I never realised it took about 20 minutes to get the right angle and perfect bounces for the vine. Although it made me realise I do enjoy face bouncing and will add it to my list for next time. Once again she changed into an outfit which Iím not even sure I have the words how to describe how amazing it looked. It was a white fishnet dress with a matching pink thong and bra set underneath. The next position was one she conjured up herself and involved me having my hands tied to my feet once again and placed head up on her bench. Now it wasnít as comfortable as the couch which is what we did this position on last time but was definitely as tough breathing wise. Especially when she turned sitting forward and I started getting some weird black spots appearing in my vision when she lifted off (must be something to do with the pressure). I donít think it was that comfortable a position for her either as she kept switching positions to get herself comfortable. After she decided she wasnít getting comfortable any time soon we moved on to some arse worship. I was still hog tied but was now lay down on my front she then slid down so I could just about reach if I strained my neck. Now although I desperately wanted to start licking I rather like my testicles attached to my body so decided to control myself and kiss her gorgeous bottom like my life depended on it. All the while she was lying there playing on her phone and I was in heaven. Finally we ended the session with some forward and reverse sitting with combinations of full weight and semi fullweight. Which was a really nice way to end the session as it took it back to the basics and even though I do enjoy being creative sometimes the basics are the best. In summary once again it was a fantastic session and Iím already looking forward to the next one whenever that may be.

  • "Who was I trying to kid when I thought I could take on Miss Jessica at Her 50 kick challenge / ordeal?!! I guess I learned the hard way. I requested that Miss would let me keep my jeans on for the first ten kicks... just to break me in gently(ish). They didn't offer me much protection though; within a few blows of Her foot She had me on the ground. That high heeled shoe caught me square in the balls and simply floored me! So it was with great trepidation that I stripped naked in front of this sadistic bully ;-) I lost count of the times that Miss Wood put me down on the ground... but I'll never forget that kick... yes THAT kick... the one that finished me off completely. I got to around thirty. The pain was so intense I can't describe it! I must have been on the ground for ages. Point of Her shoe (notice Miss Jessica hardly ever uses Her instep; always the pointy toe of Her shoe to maximise pain....) felt like it destroyed my balls. Looking back at the recorded session, rather disturbingly, it didn't seem like She kicked me anywhere near Her hardest. That's quite a thought! Anyway, game over; leaving me a whimpering wreck, and Mistress laughing at the pathetic heap squirming on the carpet :-( Not that I was to be let off the hook of course; oh no! Time now for bossy boots to trample me under Her stilettos. They felt even sharper than they did last time, as She stood full weight on me without a care in the world. Once She had bruised me all down one side of my chest and torso, I was ordered to lie the other way so I could have matching wounds down my other side. I must say it was very considerate of Miss to mark me symetrically ;-) It was a rather scary moment when I saw Her heel coming toward my throat... but Miss Wood was just teasing me! Talking of teasing, what a view I had of Her beautiful shapely legs in black stockings... Heaven!!! So to round off the session, Miss Wood allowed me to kiss and worship Her feet. My heart certainly stepped up it's pace as I gently removed that sexy black stiletto heeled shoes from Her size four feet, getting to slowly lick Her high arches and get my toungue right in between those cute little toes! OMG, what a way to finish off an appointment!! As always, Miss Jessica was looking stunning, and provided an amazing session. She certainly didn't pull any punches, I mean kicks, and pretty much nailed me to the ground under Her five inch heels!! Please visit Her clip store to watch me suffer......"

  • "24hrs after another amazing session with Miss Jessica Wood and apart from a bruised back of the head, which I think may have been bathtub related (I’ll get to that bit), and a stiff neck there are no other signs of our 3hr session apart from the big grin I have on my face. I think she is starting to take it easy on me. Like always something always happens before our sessions, this time I got stuck in traffic so I ended up having to run through the streets of Leeds like a crazy person. This meant the session started with me now hot, sweaty and gawping at Miss Wood who was looking amazing in a black latex catsuit. It started with a luggage belt strapped around the back of my neck and being secured round her waist. Now unlike her head harness which when you wiggle in you can sometimes gain a bit of air this thing had no give whatsoever, even when she walked round I could just about get a slither of air if I was lucky. Since I had made her late on ordering lunch that was her first point of call, leaning back dialling room service whilst I supported her weight. She told me I could get a breathe when the person on the other end had taken her order, now I’m not sure what he was doing but he seemed to take forever to get the order written down and I couldn’t quite make it to the end of the phone call without needing air. After her phone call some more walking, bouncing and fullweight leaning back ensued I’m pretty sure she was taking out her wait for food on my face I was in heaven. After 15 minutes or so she released the belt just in case the room service arrived, not sure how you explain that situation to them :D Whilst she waited for food she flicked the TV on and sat fullweight on me whilst I was lying on the sofa. The room service was meant to be there in 15-20 minutes from the phone call, all I know is that it took longer than that as I’m pretty sure she sat on me through a whole 15mins of a programme but I wasn’t complaining.
    Eventually the food arrived and I was told to get in position in front of the chair fairly quickly, I guess she was fairly hungry by now. I could tell she was more concerned with eating as at some points she lifted for barely a breath before she was back down which made it a lot more of a challenge. About half way through eating I had the really wise idea of getting her to sit fullweight whilst eating meaning not only was she barely getting up she was now forcing to take more which I loved even if it was pretty tough. Next came the best part of the session for me, it is an idea I have had for a while but never really asked anyone to do, but when in Rome and all that. It was underwater facesitting which once set up and used to was really fun, even if every now and again you do end up with a mouth of water thinking it is air. Miss Wood was in a stripy white and pink bikini and a white top (she did a POV video I promise you’ll love it). Obviously there was no way to cheat for air, and even if I turned my head I still couldn’t get air so I could only breath when she let me which was the best bit about it. Halfway through she started pushing my head under early with her foot which was really hot but meant that I had to hold my breath for even longer until she sat down. I think at some point I ended up with my head slammed into the bottom of the bath which is where the bruise is from but would definitely do this set up in a session again. Although when she said “It would be easy to kill someone like this, there would be no finger prints or anything” it does make me slightly nervous to ask again. After a quick dry and change, it was onto a position I find really difficult to explain I end up in a Z kind shape with my feet against the wall, a pillow on my legs and a gorgeous bottom on my face :D this time clad in bright pink leggings. She sat, vaped and read a magazine whilst pretty much ignoring me and letting me attempt lifting her up to breath. I really enjoy these kind of positions and could spend a long time just being left there rather happily. After she finished her magazine/reading about celebrities cellulite, it was on to a position which I’ll be honest I kind of epically failed at (obviously need to get to gym more) it involved holding her up fullweight on my face whilst her legs were resting on my knees which were also off the ground kind of like a M. I’ve seen this done on a video once and now I’ve attempted it I have to give it to the guy in the video he did better than me. After our failed attempt at that it was onto a position I forgot I had even written about and as soon as she mentioned it I regretted having sent her the idea. It involved being facesat whilst having pegs placed on your balls and then having to guess the number of pegs that had been placed. Now firstly I have worked out I need to keep my ideas in my head as I can’t handle CBT and secondly I should concentrate on pegs being attached as I was really bad at the game (for the short duration it lasted). After my self-inflicted pain it was on to the one breath game, I had my mouth taped was hog tied and this time wasn’t really helped by water pouring out of my nose from the underwater facesitting. It is a simple game whereby once she lifts I get one breath before she sits back down. Once I get into the rhythm of it I find it quite relaxing in a way as if slowly drifting off to sleep (although in this case sleep is passing out). I managed to just about get through it without too much struggling although I’m glad she got off when she did as I was losing feeling to my hand. Finally it was back to the couch, still hog tied I had my head between the cushions so I couldn’t turn it and she sat fullweight whilst relaxing and watching TV she said it was pretty comfortable for her, for me my head was being forced down between the cushions but my body couldn’t fit so it was putting a lot of pressure to my neck but I was still loving every second of it like I always do. That was it, after 3hrs another wonderful session had come to an end, not sure what length I am going to have the next one because it seemed to fly by once again. Not really sure what else is left to say apart from I would highly recommend Miss Jessica Wood to anyone, she travels to Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds and is currently based in Watford so no excuses to not see her. Oh and if you write something down in an email to her make sure you definitely want to do it because she will give you exactly what you ask for :D"

  • So, another great session with Miss Jessica; my third now, and I lived (just) to tell this tale... Mistress was once again wonderful in our role-play scenario where She was a horribly strict Headmistress rolling out a new, severe form of punishment to deal with the worst offenders. I of course, was the supremely idiotic student who thought himself hard enough to risk taking drugs in Mistress's playground... big mistake!! No sooner was I called into Her room and Headmistress busted my balls with a swift kick, informing me I was to be Her first victim in a brutal punishment trial, designed to stamp out the baddest of behaviour. Ordered now to strip naked and stand before Her, legs apart, I received several more kicks to my balls. As Miss always likes to use the toe of Her shoe to inflict maximum pain, this had the unfortunate consequence (for me) of that pointy toe piercing my scrotum and drawing blood. Now Miss Wood, curiously enough, just happened to have some heavy-duty sticking plasters in Her bag, as if such injury was expected...(!) Anyhow, after I washed away the blood, She bandaged me up, letting me breathe a sigh of relief that this awful punishment was over. Not so! Clearly enjoying the power She had over me, Mistress carried on kicking my balls!! No mercy!! Though She removed Her shoes for a bit, I was soon being ordered into all positions, with the poor remnants of my manhood feeling that pointed toe again! But that clearly wasn't enough to satisfy Miss Jessica's sadistic streak! Forced to lie on my back, I had a trample board placed on me and had my cock and balls crushed under Her feet. Not just that, but I had to place my bits onto the edge of the table so She could stand up on it and get more weight onto them... all the while hearing Miss torment me with Her cruel little laugh! Now it was time for trampling, and I was getting increasingly tense as I know Miss likes to hurt me under Her shoes. My sense of foreboding was certainly justified as She dug Her thin stiletto heels into my flesh. Seeing Her enjoying my suffering as I cried out, and looking up at Her amazing legs gave me a trickle of strength; just enough to come through it all, bruised and bloody as I was. Even Miss Wood has a gentler side though! I was allowed to crawl over and worship Her feet. My foot massage possibly even pleased Miss slightly, and it was so wonderful for me to get to run my tongue along the soles of Her feet and in between Her cute toes! This pleasure had to come to an end though, and to finish me off, I was put into some brutal scissor holds. Oh my, I still can't believe just how hard Miss Jessica can squeeze! Thank God for tap-outs, as She could have quite easily squeezed the life out of me!! I must say though, that I did feel truly wonderful for hours after the session; the endorphins were just rushing :-) And I hope the above doesn't sound too Hellish! Mistress will tailor a session to your needs, but just be careful what you ask for ;-) Of course I heartily recommend a session with the gorgeous Miss Jessica Wood, and I hope I can make it to see Her again soon. So, if you find yourself looking through the Yellow Pages, scanning the "Trampling and Ballbusting" column, then run your finger down to Wood, Miss Jessica.... look no further. Awesome!!!

  • I met Mistress Jessica for my very first Facesitting experience, something that only recently (at 27) I have found the courage and was in the position to explore. The train journey there I was a nervous wreck, and doing the mighty sun crossword to try and relax myself wasn't working... Needless to stay the very short walk to mistress Jessica's address from the station was even shorter because of my nerves. However once I knocked on the door and went inside to see mistress Jessica for the first time I automatically felt at ease, wearing a black figure hugging vest top, A very short red and black skirt and thin black tights, I was stunned and also felt privileged because of how attractive she is. We had polite conversation which made me feel even more at ease, and Mistress Jessica knowing it was my first time explained to me what would happen, I had already given her gift by this point, so all that was left was for me lye on my back and wait. Mistress Jessica first sat on me forwards, and I was shocked, as soon as her perfectly formed bottom found my face I couldn't breath at all, and hadn't took enough air in to begin with either so this was very short as I tapped away very quickly and I was allowed to breath (remembering to take deep breaths as her bottom lowered).
    This continued for a while with her legs outstretched and Mistress Jessica on her knees as well,
    no matter how she sat I was squashed between her arse and the soft padded floor and I couldn't breath no matter how much I tried. After a while it was my turn to experience reverse Facesitting, Mistress Jessica got off my face and turned herself around before lowering herself down again making sure that my nose and face was between her arse cheeks. Mistress Jessica sat facing this way while adopting different positions again, with my hands at my side and then above my head, no matter what position the result was the same, her soft bottom squashing my face to the floor and me not being able to breath. After a while of this and my lungs beginning to burn I had a nice little respite period just while Mistress Jessica took the tights off, and then again it was back onto the floor lying on my back waiting for mistress Jessica to lower herself onto my face again. Again Mistress Jessica sat forwards first but this time without the tights on my face was able to go even further into her creating a tight seal around my nose and mouth. Mistress Jessica sat in different positions, whether on her knees, on her feet or legs outstretched my air supply was well and truly cut of by her soft arse and black cotton panties. I remember Mistress Jessica being in the school girl position whilst I was trying to get my breath back asking me if I have experienced leg scissoring, I hadn't up till today :) Mistress Jessica then turned back around and sat reverse, again with out the tights on, my nose and face were able to go even further between her arse cheeks which created the perfect seal. With various different smothering and crushing positions including a couple of full weight ones I was well and truly beaten with regards to my oxygen intake. Mistress Jessica then did some head scissoring which I hadn't experienced before, and her thighs are ridiculously strong. After starting off lightly I could feel the pressure start to get harder slowly but surely she was squeezing stronger and when I felt like I was either a) gonna pass out or b) my head was going to explode I tapped her leg and the pressure was released. Mistress Jessica done this a few times both forwards and back with the ridiculously strong thighs :) The session was starting to draw to a close so after a few more smothering and crushing positions the last thing was to see how long I could hold my breath for, sitting reverse I took a deep breath and managed to last a staggering 46seconds... (Clearly years of smoking have damaged by lung capacity) For my very first experience Mistress Jessica made me feel so much at ease and relaxed, her arse is soft and creates the perfect seal around the face, I left there feeling very happy and satisfied and looking to book more appointments :)

  • Before coming, I was nervous, even if it was not my first spanking. You make me feel comfortable right from the beginning and all my nervousness was over with the little chat we had. Once you came back in the role of my stepmother, I immediately know who was in charge ! I really appreciate that you pulled down my trousers at the very beginning because I think all the spanking have to be administered on the bare bottom... The hand spanking was a good warm-up. I can say the real punishment begins with the hairbrush. I can truly say that your hairbrushing was hurting like hell. I thought the hairbrushing will never finished ! I had never been tawsed on my hands before and I can say it's really hurt and that was a good experience and change my mind to protect my bottom with my hands. The last tawse (the black one if my reminds are good) was really painful too ! And then you change in the role of headmistress for the second part : the first part was painful especially with the hairbrush but the second was the hell for my bottom. The second paddle you use hurts me more and more than the first one. And then we arrive to the caning ! That was a real severe caning, it was hurting like hell ! I felt every single of the 50 strokes you administered to my bottom !! I was caned before but never so hardly ! All the others canings I have received are nothing compare to that one ! I wanted a real severe caning, I had it ! And even if that was really hard to take it stoically, I really appreciate that you maintain the same severity all along the punishment and that you gave me all the promises strokes. I can truly say that you gave me my hardest punishment ever ! That's exactly what I wanted ! I don't regret to contacting you!

  • Before coming, I was nervous, even if it was not my first spanking. You make me feel comfortable right from the beginning and all my nervousness was over with the little chat we had. Once you came back in the role of my stepmother, I immediately know who was in charge ! I really appreciate that you pulled down my trousers at the very beginning because I think all the spanking have to be administered on the bare bottom... The hand spanking was a good warm-up. I can say the real punishment begins with the hairbrush. I can truly say that your hairbrushing was hurting like hell. I thought the hairbrushing will never finished ! I had never been tawsed on my hands before and I can say it's really hurt and that was a good experience and change my mind to protect my bottom with my hands. The last tawse (the black one if my reminds are good) was really painful too ! And then you change in the role of headmistress for the second part : the first part was painful especially with the hairbrush but the second was the hell for my bottom. The second paddle you use hurts me more and more than the first one. And then we arrive to the caning ! That was a real severe caning, it was hurting like hell ! I felt every single of the 50 strokes you administered to my bottom !! I was caned before but never so hardly ! All the others canings I have received are nothing compare to that one ! I wanted a real severe caning, I had it ! And even if that was really hard to take it stoically, I really appreciate that you maintain the same severity all along the punishment and that you gave me all the promises strokes. I can truly say that you gave me my hardest punishment ever ! That's exactly what I wanted ! I don't regret to contacting you!

  • When I arrived I was fairly nervous but after a couple of minutes of general talking that passed and only the excitement remained. Mistress Wood is around 5’6” and weighs 57kg (I’m pretty bad at estimating) she was even more stunning in real life than her photos and her ass well all I can really say is WOW. Throughout the whole session she was wearing pink silk panties and a bright pink nightie. The session started with me lay on the floor with my hands by my side and Mistress Wood sat in a forward position. While in the positions she proceeded to eat her lunch of sushi and a chocolate bar. It had only been about 30 seconds and I was already in heaven not only did I have a gorgeous woman smothering me but she was using me like an everyday piece of furniture. I don’t know how long we stayed like this but after awhile she switched to reverse. Now if there is a place better than heaven I was there. I always prefer being sat on in reverse style don’t really know why but maybe it is just me. After lunch while she let me catch my breath she grabbed her Ipad so she could now watch TV. She rested the Ipad against my bent legs and sat down reverse style. She settled on watching a comedy show by John Bishop where he introduced various comedians. She settled for a rule whereby if the act made her laugh I was allowed to breathe if she didn’t laugh I couldn’t. This was fairly easy to manage until about halfway through an act that wasn’t great came on and the laughing stopped. I tried my best but ultimately cracked and had to turn my head. Immediately I was told “furniture doesn’t move” and then the smothering started again. For the next couple of breathes there was increased smothering time between them (or to me there was) which I guess was my punishment. Eventually the programme ended and it was onto more fun. The next part involved being put in a face to ass harness, Mistress Wood explained that she hadn’t used it in a while so I took the opportunity to grab some air while she figured it out. Once attached breathing was pretty difficult even when allowed to. She proceeded to start walking around the room with my face attached which was more difficult than I imagined as I didn’t know which way we were going and it was already tough to breathe. Every now and again she would stop causing me to push further into her ass as I didn’t realise what was going to happen. There were also plenty of times where she bent forward to touch her toes cutting off all air supply and forcing me even further into her ass. This was amazing and scary all at the same time as there was no way I could even sneak a breath unless she let me. After a while I think she got bored of walking around and she ended up cutting off my air supply as and when she wanted to. Thinking it was a good idea I slid further forward but this ultimately led to me cutting off my already limited air supply even further. When she thought she was letting me breathe I was surviving on little gasps of air which I could just about manage if I had my mouth fully open.
    I think eventually she realised I was getting weaker so she moved on to some smother games. The first game involved me rolling a 6 sided die and two 30 sided dice. While I had initially contacted Mistress Wood I had sent her some photos of positions I wondered if she was willing to try and she had numbered them 1 to 6 so the position chosen depended on the die roll and she added the two rolls of the 30 sided dice to make the amount of time I smothered for. Before the game even started I was fairly worried as some of the positions had just been ideas and to me seemed fairly hardcore. Position 1 involved her sitting full weight frontal while resting back on my bent legs; Position 2 involved me supporting her full weight off the floor with all her weight being held up by my neck; Position 3 involved my legs ultimately being above my head while she sat down forward style trapping my legs; Position 4 involved me supporting all her weight through my body while my hands held her feet; Position 5 involved her sitting fullweight reverse style while she crossed her legs; Position 6 involved her sitting fullweight front style while no other part of her body touched the floor. (I think pictures make more sense so will attach them). I’m not going to lie I loved every minute of this game not only the fact I had no control over how she sat but also I knew I had to last a certain amount of time otherwise I would be in trouble. After awhile she cursed my luck at rolling lower numbers and moved on to another game. This game involved me picking 2 cards, the first decided whether she sat full weight or not and the second was used to multiply together with the first number to make the time smothered. Most of the time during this game my luck continued to hold out, however one turn involved me picking a Jack and Queen which meant 2mins12secs of smothering. I didn’t know if I could hold my breath this long but I don’t think I really had a choice about finding out. I think it could possibly have been one of the longest two minutes of my life although I was slightly proud that I managed to last that long. (I don’t really know how other people mange it but I found letter association calmed me down a bit, tips would be appreciated) While I recovered Mistress Wood moved onto her final game where she tied my balls meaning that she could pull on the rope even when seated and immobilised me by securing my hands and feet. The rules were I was allowed one breathe when she sat up and for every additional breathe I took I got an additional yank of the rope. I quickly learnt that breathing too much wasn’t the best idea for me. My position got even more precarious when, she thought I had gotten used to the game and was finding it too easy, she decided to tape my mouth shut. I thought I had been smothered for the other parts of the session but this was something else entirely. I think I now understand what people talk about when they say they got smothered in a non panicked way but drifted off into a sleep. Every time I thought I was about to go a yank caused me to stir a little bit and grab another slither of air. I don’t know how long I was in the zone of sleep state then pain but I was loving every second of it and didn’t want it to end. When she got up and took the tape off I thought she was going back to being easy on me but it was just so that I could get a breather before she put me in the smother box. I’d never been in a smother box before and have always looked at videos thinking there must be a way to get air, it turns out there really isn’t. Especially when immobile and every time you move you get a sharp tug to the balls. She sat fullweight reverse while I was in the smother box and even managed to throw in an extra kick to the balls just for good measure. The final act of the session was for me to hold my breath for as long as I could which unfortunately after 2hrs worth of smothering wasn’t that great at just over a minute. That was it the session was over and although I ached and was fairly tired I had the biggest grin ever. The session had involved everything I had asked for and more. I would easily recommend Mistress Wood to anyone even if it does mean there are less times she is free. My only regret is the session wasn’t longer but I’m always greedy like that.

  • After experiencing quite a few sessions with other Dommes, and having watched several of Her video clips, I decided to take the plunge and have my first session with Miss Jessica Wood. On Meeting Miss, I was immediately bowled over by Her stunning looks, with just the most beautiful blue eyes and long black hair. If that wasn't enough, She was wearing a cute little tartan mini skirt and stiletto heels that nearly made my knees buckle! After a nice introductory chat, Miss Jessica was keen to kick off proceedings. Our scenario was about a cruel head girl who administered my punishment in teacher's absence. CP, ballbusting, trampling, foot worship and wrestling / face sitting were all in there, just to make sure I didn't misbehave ever again. Mistress is an expert at role-play; in contrast to earlier, Her demeanor totally changed; those blue eyes becoming piercing... I'm in real trouble, I know it! Miss Wood's expert use of the tawse had me in no doubt that She meant business. Ramping up the torture, it was straight on to ballbusting... This girl has an accurate and cruel kick; each and every time the sharp pointy toe of her shoe hitting me squarely in the balls, putting me on my knees quite few times. A couple of instances when I was on the floor, She made me get onto all fours and proceeded to kick me from behind, sometimes placing Her shoe onto my balls and really digging the toe in. She had me squirming! When I couldn't handle much more, Miss decided to ease up on the punishment.... aye right!! Immediately She ordered me onto my back and stepped onto me, full weight, Her sharp stilettos digging right into my flesh. Her lack of empathy to my suffering was made clear as She casually hummed a lovely little tune while performing the most brutal trampling! I was soon gasping with that heady mix of pain and pleasure. Ten days later as I write this, I still have bruises. Wonderful! Things took a more relaxed twist when Mistress let me worship Her feet though. She let me slip off Her shoes and massage Her feet, allowing me to suck Her toes and kiss those hot and sexy size fours all over! If this is what heaven is like, then sign me up! Miss Jessica rounded off our scene by putting me in various holds; Her scissors round my neck almost making my head pop at one point! And with some face sitting as I lay helplessly pinned to the ground, I realised just what a lucky guy I was! I have to mention too that during our session, Mistress would let out a laugh that was so damned sexy as She cruelly dealt with me, knowing full well that She was turning me into a pathetic wreck. I really enjoyed our time together; it was awesome! I immediately booked another slot and just can't wait. I highly recommend you go see Miss Jessica; She'll teach you the meaning of respect, that's for sure :-)

  • I just feel the need to go on record with my sincere thanks for your efforts and skill during our session yesterday. I still have a warm glow on my bottom, and this reminds me of a very special beating from a very special headmistress. The card games were wonderful, and although I was struggling to cope with the last tawse and cane strokes, I would not have missed it for the world. Please keep this scenario in mind for the next time I have the good fortune to bend over your desk. By the way, the photographs are terrific, thanks also for that. I will now leave you in peace, and will be back in touch when I able to make a new appointment.

  • "I began visiting Miss Jessica about six years ago, and have never looked back since. To take part in a session with her is always a great pleasure. She is a naturally dominant, supremely elegant, extremely intelligent and physically powerful lady. She has all the qualities a submissive slave like me could desire in a domme. Furthermore, she has a very assertive tone of voice and speaks in a dialect that would not be out of place reading the news on the BBC! She can very easily have me trembling with fear, often merely by the way she speaks and her expressions. Miss Jessica is very versatile and offers a wide range of different punishments and worship practices. The sessions I have experienced with her are mainly focussed around her ordering me to worship her bottom (she has an amazing bum!), usually with her lying on the sofa and me kneeling beside her on the floor. This is interspersed with periods of her sitting on and slapping my face, activities at which she also excels. I regularly buy her presents, which are given to her as part of the sessions to add a surprise element for her, and to (hopefully!) prevent her from beating me up too much :-) I cannot recommend Miss Jessica highly enough, a session with her is an experience you will never forget!"

  • "My first session with Miss Jessica was in 2011 and I've been going back ever since - even though I live in the West Country! Her premises are clean and pleasant (not always my experience) and all the equipment, canes etc, are clean and well kept. I'm into CP, and Miss Jessica is an excellent and very accurate caner - she's also pretty handy with paddles, hairbrushes, straps, etc. Miss Jessica is scrupulous at giving me the kind of session I want, and not going beyond my limits, but she's also great at stretching me to experience some really intense CP. She is beautifully strict, brilliant at roleplaying and at making a session feel really special."

  • "I have never been so accurately caned before and the fleshy part can take it. You were absolutely wonderful the best session I have had and I would love to repeat it. May be next year when you can give me 63 strokes. I'm not starting full time again as you are miles from me and I have moved away from my old mistresses but you are worth every penny of what I paid and I was on such a high that tottenham were brilliant even if they were not. Thank you for a most epic time and I wont be stealing knickers again. It was a beautiful time to be under such a beautiful bottom but I learned my lesson. Till next time."

  • "As you could probably tell I was very nervous, especially to begin with, but you made me feel relaxed as possible throughout; I very much appreciated talking with you at the start and end of the session rather than just diving straight in! The whole session was the perfect balance between pain and pleasure and you executed all of the activities perfectly. Even though I found the CBT and ballbusting more painful than I'd imagined, I enjoyed being pushed to my limits and retrospectively this may have been my favourite part of the session, however much it hurt at the time! Thank you for wearing the shoes I requested as well. The foot worship at the end was a nice respite after the ballbusting! I hope to book a session with you again at some point!"

  • " I wanted to send you a big thank you for the session on Sunday - it was a real pleasure to meet you again and the role play has blown me away completely.  It was really amazing and I have never experienced something even remotely close to this - your outfit, the whole interaction during the session itself and especially the little details made this special (e.g. those red gloves you put on during the caning). It was so real, that on Monday I even kept telling to myself that I have to take my medicine and I need to improve my behavior ;) truly big thanks from my side for setting this up an creating the whole scenario - you are indeed a fantastic woman."

  • "First of all I wanted to genuinely thank you for the session yesterday. I really enjoyed it – you are beautifully dominant in a gentle yet strict waysimply amazing. Thanks for giving me this introduction and opportunity to experience all those implements and to explain everything as well – I definitively liked your approach. Today I am feeling fine, although I am still reminded of my punishment depending on how I sit and how I move – sometimes it really stings. Once again thanks for the pictures, still cannot believe that this is me and I can only say that you did a perfect job on these beautiful cane marks which are starting to fade away dramatically already."

  • "This was my 2nd session with Miss Jessica. I asked for wrestling, facesitting and ballbusting again but asked for harder ballbusting this time as mistress had been taken it easy on me for my first session. My did i get what I asked for! To start with i was pinned against the wall and kneeded until about a minute later i was crumpled on the floor. What followed for the next 90 minutes was all the wrestling holds smothering and balblusting i could handle. I was smothered into complete submission by Miss Jessicas unbelievable derriere, constantly having to beg for breath while looking up at the goddess controlling my every breath - what an experience. I was wrestled down and crushed my Miss jessicas incredibley strong thighs. Im 6st 16 stone well built but was helpless in most holds, especially Miss Jessica's reverse head scissor which she used to rag doll me around the room while i was dizzy from the pressure applied. And finally last but not least I was left a quivering wreck form Miss Jessicas knees and kicks to my balls. The last 10 kicks I have no idea how i took them except that after over an hour in Miss Jessicas hands i was completely at her mercy and incapable of disobeying her - while curled up on the floor, my body told me to stay down, however when she commanded me to get up and take my final kicks I found my self obeying her without question and blocking out the pain. For a sub this was heaven! I can't recommend enough."

  • "I loved your full-on approach from the start, the way you got astride my chest, trapped my arms and gripped my head beneath your thighs. Your face sitting was even more severe than before, and I felt utterly pummelled by the end. Just as it should be. The closing bottom worship and foot worship were a perfect ending and I enjoyed the lovely feel of your skin and stockings, and the scents on that hot day! I know that I am a wuss when it comes to CP, and once again you made me suffer just a tad more than I would have chosen - perfect! I still had a red glow two days later (from the slippers) and a couple of the rubber cane left marks faded only after a week."

  • "To be honest, I was a bit blown away by how you managed to take me to the "zone" was very authentic and you really were magnificent - as I said earlier much better than I had expected. Progress report on the state of my poor bottom - deeply bruised (purplish/orange) and sore but nice ;-).... 10 out 10 for accuracy - the brusing and pain is in two cricket ball sized patches right in the centre of the most padded part of my bottom ;-) Similarly my hands ache and are quite red with slight bruising but again all in two patches in the middles of my palms - nowhere pain near the wrist and more importantly no pain in the fingers - you did an expert job! Better than I anticipated, but then I should never have doubted you would deliver."

  • "I had to say thank you again for my session yesterday, it was fantastic! You looked very hot indeed & your accent & strict tone of voice made me scared & aroused from the start. The spanking was sore but I was getting very horny from it, a combination of the pain & the view of your shoes & legs & my naked position over your knee & your voice & knowing what was to come. Your cane strokes were hard & really accurate & very much needed, I enjoyed every one. Your scolding of me on my knees whilst stroking my nipples was driving me crazy, the slightest touch of my nipples gets me desperately horny! The warm up lashes with the cat were needed because I have less experience of back whipping. The single tail whip was really painful, I knew it would be & it cut me a little. It's hard to use but when you moved a little further away it was landing well & I was in agony & ecstasy as you did it. Today I can feel stiff sore aching back & shoulders & the marks are stinging. I went for a 7 mile training run this morning & the sweat made my marks burn & throb. Which reminded me of the fun I had! It was amazing to be naked & so well controlled & dominated & quite frightened of you, very erotic indeed."

  • "The session was wonderful, and went by in a blur as usual. It feels so easy to surrender to you for the duration, and although I am still very much myself in the session, normal reality is suspended, and I relax into a state of happy obedience and gratitude to the beautiful woman who has me under her spell. The trampling was a wonderful addition to the usual repertoire. Although slim and petite, you have a strong athletic body, and I felt delightfully crushed under your full weight, especially when you stood on one leg and made me lick your other foot and suck on each toe! Fighting for every breath as you stood on my chest, looking down and laughing at me, I looked up at you and knew that this was exactly where I belonged. Your face sitting was as sublime as ever, you really have the most gorgeous bottom and know so well how to use it to overwhelm and crush a man's face. Kissing each soft buttock reverently while you allowed me to catch my breath, anticipating the next suffocation, no other reality intruded, and my world was centred on being beneath Miss Jessica's lovely arse and submitting to her will. I loved how relaxed and comfortable you were on your 'throne', laughing and teasing as you made me suffer beneath you, and tormented my nipples with your beautifully manicured sharp nails. The way you changed back into your new boots whilst still astride my face was very impressive, and made me feel totally objectified. It also gave me some lovely upside-down views of your legs when you stretched them to zip up the boots, your full weight still squashing down on my face.I enjoyed the foot worship very much too, and appreciated the slight sweat that had accumulated because of the boots. Your feet are delectable, and it feels a privilege to serve for a while beneath them. Thank you for the continuing CP too Miss. It is the part of a session that I find most difficult because of the pain, but you skillfully pushed me over that tricky first hurdle, and by the end I was starting to relish being beaten. It was good to be your guinea pig for the new synthetic birch, which to me inflicted a solid stinging blow. It felt right to kneel down afterwards and kiss the hand that had beaten me, and express thanks - for me it gave a kind of closure to an exciting but painful experience. You have left me with some nice marks that will last for a few weeks, and serve as a physical reminder of you whenever I inspect them in the mirror. I can feel them too, especially when sitting on a hard chair!"

  • "Things I love about you are as follows... You are so real. You look at me and see a college student who deserves a thrashing and who you long to sting. Behind your frown is your love of breaking her spirit. You say enough but not too much - silence is important too. You see the girl crying and desperately trying to stay still, as the, whip bites, you simply don't care. Your only interest is, if she's staying in position, is she presenting at bottom nicely, have you delivered the sentence you promised her. You mixed difficult with easier and vary the intensity so all the hard stuff wasn't at the end."

  • Double session with myself and Miss Hunter - "Now that I've had some food and am slowly emerging from the daze you both put me in, let me please say thank you so much for an absolutely storming session this afternoon. It didn't only live up to but probably exceeded my fantasy. I must have done about 30 odd sessions in the last 10 years and I am not lying when I say today's was THE best. By miles. :-) Miss Jessica, you are so gorgeous and sexy, a brilliant domme and know just how to push all my buttons. To be honest, i just count the days until I can go round to see you either for sessions or as a maid. Can't wait until I'm back in that apron, feather duster in hand, knickers on head and bottom suitably reddened. I am, as ever, under your thumb. Miss Hunter, it was so great to meet you today, you are phenomenal! You are funny, sexy, intelligent and a total force of nature. Never met me before but got the session so spot on."

  • "Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing session. First of all your outfit was amazing, and while you look stunning on your website in person you look even better. I'd always wanted to do facesitting and I'm glad I did. Had no idea how immobile id be once i was pinned down and the excitement of getting a couple of seconds of air while looking up at you knowing you would drop back down any second was amazing. The sensation of being smothered in that way is incredible. Trampling with heels was obviously one step too far! i was suprised about how much it hurt even with bare foot but the view made it worthwhile! The ballbusting was excellent. I was pleasently suprised at how much I took as I really thought you might curl me up into a ball with the first shot but you built the intensity perfectly. It was fun and towards the end when you seemed to be balancing finding out how hard you could kick with wanting to knock me down! Still cannot believe how much the flicks hurt. The squeezes were my personal favourate, you always seemed to no when to ease off and when to apply more pressure. Your scissors were brilliant - the reverse headscissor particually when you mixed that in with ball squeezing - for me that was heaven."

  • "Thank you for a wonderful session today. You were perfect in every way, and I can't think of anything that I'd want to have been different. Your face sitting was sublime - tough to endure at times, but you do make me want to suffer a little for you. As I mentioned afterwards, I have never felt so suffocated and over-powered as I did under your lovely bottom. Thank you for allowing me to kiss the cheeks - that was a real treat. And the CP was just right, given my nervousness and fear. You calibrated the pain just right. My bum still looks red and nicely marked, but nothing that won't fade within a few days. Now I know how I react, I am sure that I could suffer a little more for you next time :-)"

  • "It's funny because I was more nervous about being able to find the place. Once I found it and I started talking to Miss Jessica, everything went from good to better: she was even more beautiful in person and had excellent manners, so I felt completely relaxed. I can really say that this first meeting was inspiring ;)"

  • "I was privileged to have my first session with Miss Jessica on Saturday, and I found it as near to heaven as is possible for a sub like me. The first thing that impressed me is the way Miss Jessica gives a great amount of attention to detail. My first sight of this stunning woman took my breath away. She was immaculately dressed precisely in the way I had requested. The Headmistress of my dreams! Then five minutes later after chatting to this charming and friendly lady all my first session worries had disappeared. When in session I also found to my delight that Miss Jessica had memorised the scenario I asked for virtually word for word! What a professional. Miss Jessica ensured that my session was completely safe, sane and consensual by ensuring a restriction I had asked for was strictly adhered to while still giving me the most glorious hiding of my life! My session with Miss Jessica yesterday exceeded all my expectations and was everything I ever dreamed of. Thank you so much Miss Jessica."

  • "In common with many internet lurkers and wannabe subs I have spent far too much time on the internet being either intrigued, excited or frankly horrified about what might happen to me if I was ever to take that step and move from fantasy into reality. I have at last made made that step and it was wonderful.....a non marking CP session with Miss Jessica! Miss J was always careful and inspected my bottom regularly to ensure no marks were left. So fantasy vs reality - I'll take reality everday. Thank you Miss J for a wonderful experience - and my "favourite" implement? The four strap thing! If Miss J will allow it I'll be back for more another day!"

  • "First session with Miss Jessica what am I talking about, first session with anybody!... We started with a hand spanking and worked up through slipper a paddle or two tawse flogger and finished with 12 strokes of three different canes; thin whippy one, one she introduced as her favorite and one I'd brought with me a senior dragon over the chair this time....  The cane was definitely the high point and whether Miss Jessica was being gentle or not I still have a nice set of trophies four days later and am quite looking forward to a guest appearance on bottombook. Overall very pleased and of course I'll be back Miss Jessica."

  • "I first saw a dominatrix in 1982 and since then have seen many different doms but very few have made me want to see them again. What I look for is someone who enjoys what they do, who makes me feel comfortable, who is not in it just for the money and who is able to give a good hard realistic caning. I have been to many doms where I have barely felt the caning they are giving me and come out feeling disappointed. I saw Miss Jessica a few days ago and felt every one of the 144 strokes I received. Although she could not see my face, I could actually feel my eyes watering. I was certainly not disappointed and cannot wait until my next visit."

  • "I just wanted to thank you for seeing me last and introducing me to CP in such a gentle but firm way. Last night's warm glow has been replaced by a slight tight feeling in the skin, which is still red and I can feel some bumps under the skin which I'm pretty sure weren't there before! You looked stunning, the absolute essence of dominant femininity."

  • "Just to say it was lovely to see you again today and I thoroughly enjoyed my extra hard session! You looked absoltely stunning (as always!)... and your firm hand (left and right) really made my bottom sting and me gasp. The most severe spanking I think I have ever had bottom is still literally throbbing when i sit down. I do heal very quickly (too quickly) but those cane marks and especially the marks from the tawse on the left buttock and at the top are still very visible! Look forward to seeing the pic on the bottom book. That slipper was so surprisingly hard and stingy and I do love your fast hairbrushing ... and the caning I shall never fact I am sure I will thinking about it a lot in the next few days : ) !!!"

  • "My first session with Miss Jessica was the "Aversion Therapy" set of clips on the above site [amateur clips]. This was a revelation. STUNNING GOOD LOOKS, Nurse outfit (not cheap fancy dress) FF stockings and proper suspenders, tights aswell. Then I found out this girl was not going through the motions she did not want me breathing!!! Perfect! I had hours of other women face sitting me up till then "complete rubbish". Just a one hour session with this fantastic woman and I was her's forever! Again I have to say there is no one better than Miss Jessica."

  • "I used to vist Miss J quite often and the caning she adminstered with the Malacca and her Dragon was an experience worth having. Her tawse is also quite painful. The sessions were unrushed and the scenarios very realistic. This lady has an empathy I had not experienced with other ladies. For various reasons, I cannot visit her at the moment but hope to pick up again next year."