Wax melts for your dungeon

Why would you have wax melts in your dungeon?

Ambrosial Wax Melts in the UK

Well the short answer is that the part of your brain that processes smell is very close to the area of the brain that accesses memories and we want slaves to have good memories of sessions with us.

And not only do we have a very ancient caveman (or woman) reflex to judge if a smell is good or bad, not only do we have an ancient sense of literally sniffing partners out by pheromones, we also have memories triggered by specific smells. What is repulsive to one person is gorgeous to another. And then there are some scents that are almost universal. 

Make your dungeon a wax melt fragrance paradise! 


  • Good for removing cigarette smoke smell
  • Good for removing/hiding unpleasant smells in session
  • Provide a unique fragrance for people to recognise on return to your premises
  • Very important for first and continuing impressions

Alternative to scented candles

Highly scented wax melts are an ideal alternative to a traditional scented candle offering hours of scent without the need for a flame making them much safer to use. Their popularity has increased over the years in the UK.

Wax melts tend to burn for longer and the fragrance lasts for longer. Wax melts also tend to be cheaper than candles too.

Wax melts don’t produce any soot which can have health issues for some people with asthma, bronchitis and respiratory issues, causing shortness of breath. Once the soot goes into your bloodstream, it can become a catalyst for heart attack, stroke and cancer.

With such a huge range of fragrances available for our highly scented wax melts you can quickly change the atmosphere of any room so it makes sense all round to use wax melts over candles.

Where to get the best wax melts in the UK

Ambrosial London create handmade wax melts which are highly scented wax melts

They have developed 8 scent categories for their handmade wax melts. Divided into scents according to their properties, you can read about them below.

Fragrance Range from Ambrosial London

  1. Botanical scents which include all of our lavenders, florals and herbal scents and blends. These fragrances are the most likely to contain essential oil and offer some of the beneficial properties when used as a scent.
  2. Fruit and sweet scents which contains all the sweet and fruity favourites. L*sh dupes, childhood sweet scents and all the fruity fragranced handmade wax melts.
  3. Ambrosial London House Blends section is for our unique one off house blends that we repeat regularly as handmade wax melts. The scent families vary in this section but you won’t find these fragrances anywhere else.
  4. Mystical scents is where you will find all the handmade wax melts in all the hippy, incense and darker scents.
  5. Fresh and clean is our selection of wax melts with all the laundry dupes, all the washing powder scents, fabric conditioner scents and fresh outdoor type fragrances.
  6. Perfume counter scents in Masculine - aftershave/cologne dupes for our handmade wax melts.
  7. Perfume counter scents in Female - perfume dupes for our handmade wax melts.
  8. Patisserie scents contain a selection of cake/food based amazingness. Tarts, biscuits, marshmallow, chocolate and other gorgeous smells.

Throughout the year Ambrosial also make handmade wax melt collections and seasonal fragrances which will appear in their own category within the online store.

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