Strict headmistress Miss Jessica holding her cane
Miss Jessica - a real strict woman
A real strict woman
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Slipper spanking over Miss Jessica's knee

Miss Jessica in riding geat - lovely beige jodphurs and high boots

School headmistress Miss Jessica wearing for glasses with a wooden hairbrush

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Miss Jessica

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do online sessions/webcam sessions?
Yes I do. You can see me on Adultwork and can contact me for an online session for a specific date/time.

Can I hire your dungeon for my own sessions or photography/video work?
Yes you can. Please see my dungeon hire website. Based in Watford, Herts.

I am having problems playing your video clips, can you help?
Files ending with .mp4 need Quicktime Player to view
Files ending with .avi and .wmv need Windows Media Player to view.
ALSO .avi files require DivX Codec installed for Windows Media Player - you only need to install the DixX Codec - click here to see what to tick on install so that your Windows Media Player will work correctly. Or you can contact me to try and help you.

What are your latest video clips?
I have 2 stores on Clips4sale, Miss Jessica punishments in the UK where most of my clips are. I also have Miss Jessica's Amateur Clips which has clips of real life sessions. The latest clips are below.

Miss Jessica's punishments in the UK Miss Jessica's Amateur Clips

Where do you hold sessions?
I hold dominatrix sessions in Watford, Hertfordshire, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Alton Hampshire, Leeds, South Yorkshire, Cardiff, Wales, Glasgow, Scotland & Amsterdam, Holland

What types of sessions are you NOT available for?
Anything dangerous, life threatening, golden showers, scat, blood or needle play or ANY sexual services like fisting, anal strap-on play, hand-jobs and this includes watching you masturbate. I will also not be topless/nude to punish you so do not ask as I will not want to session with you.

Do you have used stockings or hold-ups to give away?
Yes I do - see my used underwear page.

Do you do sessions for women as well as men?
Yes I do sessions for MEN or WOMEN and COUPLES.
Do not be put off by my videos/members site having only men in them.

Are you on any social networks?
Yes you can find me on Twitter, Vine, Pinterest and Google+. I no longer use Facebook after having my account disabled 4 times for no reason apart from being me! Too prudish for my liking!

What is your favourite session/punishment?
I had one where i had to pick cards from a deck and red were softer cane strokes and black were
harder, it was fun not knowing what would come next!

What is your favourite implement?
I can't say one thing, as I love using a hairbrush and cane equally.

Do you enjoy role play scenes/what is your favourite?
I like role playing scenes the best, I love acting out scenarios and dressing up for it.
My favourite is being the Strict Boss or Headmistress characters.

How did you get into the CP scene?
I was asked by in 2002 to do a shoot and they basically trained
me in how to punish men properly, but from the first shoot they said I was a natural and I totally loved it! Then a sub emailed me and after a bit of persuasion it went from there to private sessions and I haven't looked back as I love doing it!

Do you do judicial caning?
I love judical caning. This is only for the brave though as I can make you mark
within 6 strokes of my hardest caning though, so be warned!

Can I bring you any presents?
Of course you can! If you want to try and get on my good side then little gifts
are always appreciated, Please see my gift list for ideas.

I am new to cp do you cater for beginners?
I am ideal as I am very easy to approach and will try to get the best from you. Read my reviews page for testimonials from other first-timers.

I am nervous about meeting you, will my details be confidential?
Nobody has access to the details of who I see.

Do you or can I use a safe word?
This can be an idea, especially for beginners, we can discuss at start. Although, I am very good at judging limits and what people can take, so most people don't tend to use them with me.

Will my limits be respected?
This is of no question, nothing beyond what you want will happen.

Do you carry out a likes and dislikes Q&A before the session?
Of course, I need to know exactly what you want done so I can make sure you have a great session..My research on your session is mainly done via email prior to the session but you can of course let me know of anything else prior to the session starting.

Will I be marked?
It depends on you and what you want, if you want to be you will, if you don't, you won't, but bear in mind punishments will not be as painful if you can't have marks. I will never go overboard and decrease if necessary.