Strict headmistress Miss Jessica holding her cane
Miss Jessica - a real strict woman
A real strict woman
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Slipper spanking over Miss Jessica's knee

Miss Jessica in riding geat - lovely beige jodphurs and high boots

School headmistress Miss Jessica wearing for glasses with a wooden hairbrush

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Miss Jessica

Miss Dawn handspanking

Miss Hunter and Miss Jessica
- Double Mistress Sessions -

Miss Hunter, from video clips with me, and I are team up to hold double sessions together. She is a very well known mistress working for sites in the past such as,,, and

We do anything listed on my sessions page to those who are interested. We will advertise here when we have double session days.

Location: Watford

Contact me if you want to book a double domme session

Normal deposit rules apply, for double sessions we require £100 in order to secure your session.


Miss Hunter with a caning Miss Hunter caning
Miss Hunter with a caning Miss Hunter caning
Miss Hunter with a riding crop Miss Hunter with a strap
Miss Hunter with a riding crop Miss Hunter with a strap

Videos of Amy and I in action...

Triple dice game
- 22 minutes long -

Dressed in a gorgeous 1950s basque and suspenders, Miss Jessica introduces the game to the sub stood before her and Miss Hunter. Miss Jessica has 3 dice, one is numbered 1-30, one states what implement is to be used and the final dice states the position the punishment will given in. So he rolls the dice and first up is 15 strokes with the rattan cane over the table. What a good start! With Miss Hunter taking the first implement, they take it in turns to deal out a surprising punishment!

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Triple dice game


Smoking with the pupils

Mr Adams has been sent for to see Miss Jessica and Miss Hunter. Miss saw him smoking with pupils, some underage and also within school ground. When questioned about this he is very difficult and cheeky, but eventually admits it but it's just not acceptable behaviour for a teacher and Miss Jessica says he has to be fired. He pleads no, so Miss Jessica thinks that maybe an old fashioned punishment to stop his naughty ways could be the alternative to sacking him. So they bend him over the desk and start handspanking him and inbetween pulling down his trousers and pants so his bare bottom eventually gets a spanking. Next they move onto using a brown leather paddle and flip flop, with Miss Jessica going first and then Miss Hunter. Miss Jessica another implement to spank his bottom, a black paddle, which delivers a nasty sting. They then put him in the corner of the classroom with his hands on his head whilst telling him off further. Before letting him go, Miss Jessica gets him bent over the chair and Miss Hunter has her turn with the black leather paddle to spank him hard. Miss Jessica further paddles him with the brown leather paddle until his bottom looks suitably sore.

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Smoking with the pupils

Leather paddle spanking